09/19/2022 – Update: indigenous cases of dengue fever in the Alpes-Maritimes

Due to the spatio-corporal proximity of this new indigenous focus in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, investigations are underway to identify the circulation of the virus in these 4 neighboring municipalities.

All these cases, apart from the first, were identified either following the awareness of health professionals in the areas investigated, or within the framework of door-to-door surveys carried out by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Health Agency. Azur, Santé Publique France and the Interdepartmental Agreement on EID mosquito control.

EID mosquito control interventions continue. Information and awareness-raising actions for the public and health professionals in the area are also underway, aimed in particular at:

  • identify any other cases of dengue presenting or having recently presented symptoms of the disease in order to direct them towards a biological diagnosis;
  • recall the importance of preventive measures (protect yourself from mosquito bites, eliminate anything that may contain water, quickly consult your doctor if symptoms appear) ;

In this context of dengue fever circulation, everyone, and in particular those residing in or regularly visiting these municipalities, is reminded of the importance of preventive measures. :

1 – Avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes

To limit the dedevelopment of mosquitoes around your home, you should:

  • empty, store or dispose of any container that may contain water;
  • cover water supplies with a mosquito net or cloth to make them airtight;
  • clean gutters and gutters;
  • avoid illegal dumping of waste.

2 – Protect yourself from bites :

  • use skin repellent, recommended by a pharmacist, to be applied preferably in the morning and evening, on exposed areas of skin;
  • wear covering and loose clothing, even impregnated with insecticide for fabrics (available in pharmacies);
  • if necessary, use mosquito nets on the openings (doors and windows);
  • using crib nets for newborns;
  • use electric diffusers inside homes;
  • use insecticide coils only outdoors;
  • use air conditioners or fans that interfere with mosquitoes.

3 – Immediately consult your doctor in the presence of suggestive symptoms (high fever of sudden onset, muscle or joint pain, eye pain, fatigue, headache).

In this case, protection against mosquitoes is essential. Indeed, the transmission of the virus to the mosquito occurs when a patient is bitten during the first days of the disease (until the 7th day after the onset of signs).

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