10 commandments to not gain weight after losing weight

Contrary to what many of you believe, losing weight is not the most difficult. After a diet, the challenge will be to stabilize the weight and regulate it over time. L’yo-yo effect is not a myth!

“Some diets weight-loss are likely to cause nutritional imbalances, in particular excessive protein and salt intake; Insufficient fiber, iron, magnesium and vitamin D intake, believes Lucile Gélébart, author of Post-regime stabilization (ed. Alpen), holder of a DU in dietetics and nutrition from the UFR of medicine Paris Bichat. One of the recurring and major consequences of the deprivations and exclusions practiced, whatever the regime, is, paradoxically, the weight regaineven being overweight”.

It’s a fact: the more diets you do, the more you promote weight gain, the famous yo-yo effect. This phenomenon will also affect your metabolism. Indeed, it has been proven that people who have tested many diets and who have repeatedly lost and regained weight will present a metabolism slower. That is to say, they will need a long time to lose weight afterwards.

Your diet should work for you and be sustainable over the long term

To prevent the yoyo effect, Lucile Gélébart insists on the importance of food rebalancing rather than restrictive diets. Do you need to lose weight? Consult a nutritionist and rethink your diet: the professional will help you rebalance your meals, identify and limit certain bad habits and enjoy eating without frustration. This is the key to regulating your weight and keeping it going over time.

Your diet should suit you and be sustainable over the long term. Otherwise, you will feel the frustration and doubly cracking at the end of the deprivation.

“To avoid having to constantly undergo this phenomenon which could not be better named the yoyo effect, it is essential to surround yourself with good people, especially if you do not have the basics of a healthy diet and balanced, nor the knowledge on the subject or quite simply, if one has not had the privilege of being aware of the benefits of a diversified diet”, explains the author.

In principle, this applies from an early age. Diversification and balance, wealth of diversity and food rebalancing, food variety with the seasonsappetite and moderation, the pleasure of eating well, awareness of one’s body and its needs, feeling of taste, hunger and satiety… “These are all concepts with which it is essential to reconnect”, continues Lucile Gélébart .

Have you just lost weight after rebalancing your diet? It’s better this way. Wondering how to achieve regulate your weight over the long term while preventing the dreaded yoyo effect? Follow the 10 tips by Lucile Gélébart. Preview in pictures.

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