2021 Annual Activity Report: External Quality Assessment Program in Pathology

This report summarizes the activities carried out by the External Quality Assessment Program in Pathology and Cancer (PEEQPC) in 2021 and describes the results for the activities completed during this year. The proficiency tests in 2021 obtained results equivalent to those of the previous years.


The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) program offered interpretation of gynecological and non-gynecological smears to the 37 laboratories registered in cytology. The agreement of the answers entered by the laboratories in the 2021 exercise was established at 96% for the gynecological cases and the non-gynecological cases.


The 46 laboratories registered for histochemical staining trials in 2021 were invited to submit slides stained by their usual technique for evaluation. The success rate for this campaign offered by the IQMH was 100% for each color evaluated, ie routine color, color showing iron, Congo Red and von Kossa.

In addition, the 33 laboratories registered for immunohistochemical staining trials participated in activities offered by three external providers: the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), the Canadian Pathology Quality Assurance-Assurance qualité canadienne en pathologie (CPQA-AQCP) , and the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

The success rate in proficiency testing for immunohistochemical markers fluctuated between 89% and 100%, which is an excellent performance.

ISH, cytogenetics and molecular assays

A 100% pass rate was recorded for the majority of proficiency tests selected for CAP in 2021. Provincial averages for ISH, cytogenetics and molecular genetics tests ranged from 83% to 100%.


The proficiency testing participation rate was 100% for all proficiency testing offered by PEEQPC. The calculation of the rate is based on the number of expected participations, ie the number of registrations multiplied by the number of aptitude tests.


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