25 years later, Goldeneye 007 returns

Microsoft has announced the re-release of the classic “Goldeneye 007” on Switch and Xbox.

During the last Nintendo Direct, Microsoft announced the release of a re-release of Goldeneye 007 on Switch and Xbox One/Series. Released 25 years ago on the Nintendo 64, this Rare classic initiated the arrival of first-person shooters on game consoles. Until then, the genre was mainly on the PC, with classics like Doom, Duke Nukem or Quake. Goldeneye 007 opened new doors, as it was the first FPS – or first-person shooter – designed specifically for a game console – and therefore playable on the pad instead of the inevitable keyboard / mouse combo.

Developed at the time by Rare, a British studio which was owned by Nintendo at the time, the title had so far never been entitled to a reissue. For several reasons. First of all, because it was a licensed game, not easy to resuscitate since the operation involves several actors, including the owners of the license. Then, because two publishers were concerned: Microsoft, new owner of Rare, and Nintendo, which had published the title at the time. Finally, because until very recently, the license was “rented” for periods defined by publishers, who refused to share the rights. For a very long time, EA and Activision were the main license holders.

To celebrate the title’s 25th anniversary, Microsoft therefore had to make some concessions, and most likely agree to develop a Switch version of the game, to get the green light from Nintendo. Another concession: there is no question of a remake or even a remaster but of a port. As we know, Microsoft had nevertheless developed a complete remaster of the game internally, with a complete overhaul of the graphics… The publisher would have finally backtracked and will only offer a simple reissue of the game, identical in all respects to the original. , except for a few pad controls.

On Switch, it will be possible to play it on Switch thanks to the console’s emulation features. On Xbox, the game will be integrated into Gamepass and offered to owners of the Rare Replay compilation. However, it will not include a native multiplayer mode.

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