7 best vehicles to use in Saints Row 2022 (Saints Row vehicle list)

Saints Row came out recently and is in the news for several reasons. Now, whatever your opinion of the game, it should be noted that the vehicles in the game are quite interesting. Vehicles are one of the important parts of the game. Here we will share the list of best vehicles in Saints Row 2022 and also where to find them in the game.

Why would you want to know the best cars in Saints Row? Well, maybe you just want to navigate or maybe you need the car to complete a particular mission. Knowing in advance which vehicle will be suitable for your mission is essential. Sometimes you also need to know where you can get a particular vehicle to avoid wasting a lot of time looking for the vehicle. Without wasting time, let’s take a look at the list of the best vehicles in Saint Row.

Best vehicles in Saints Row 2022

Saints Row has a large number of vehicles to choose from. These can be cars, trucks, bicycles and even tanks. Because your in-game garage limits you to a specific number of cars to store, it’s best to always pick the best ones. Here are the best vehicles you need in Saints Row.


The Ethel in Saints Row is a vehicle that first appeared in Saints Row 2. If you’re someone who loves hitting the roads in a car that’s straight out of the 70s, the Ethel is perfect. The classic body style speaks a lot. One of the cool features of this car in the game is that it has crab steering. This feature allows you to easily slide your car while parallel parking on the streets or on the sidewalk.

Here are the specifications of the Ethel.

Vehicle class Classic
Seats 2
Maximum speed 62
Performance 52
Sustainability 40
Off road 30

You can find the car in Marina East and Marina West. By the way, you can unlock the Saints edition of the car after completing the Drawing Heat main mission.


Want a fast car? The Fur De Lance must be your choice. Now when you look at the car it looks like a mix of Lykan Hyperspot and a Ferrari Enzo. This car first appeared in Saints Row 1. The characteristic ability of this car is that it can jump and jump over other cars. Works great, especially if you’re stuck in traffic.

Here are the specifications of Fur De Lance:

Vehicle class Sports
Seats 2
Maximum speed 85
Performance 75
Sustainability 35
Off road ten

The Fur De lance can be found near the fancy house in Mount Vista.


So far we have seen classics and sports cars. Now these cars do not perform well in the off-road sections of the map. So here is an SUV called Gibraltar. It has a traditional crossover look similar to the actual Mazda CX-3. The special ability of this SUV is crab steering. You can steer the front and rear wheels to park in tight spaces or easily switch handles with ease.

Take a look at the specs of Gibraltar.

Vehicle class SUV
Seats 4
Maximum speed 72
Performance 63
Sustainability 40
Off road 60

The vehicle can be found in the closest regions of the map.


Want a sustainable vehicle? You must catch the Titan. It is an armored van, which indicates that you can stay safe inside and at the same time use it as a battering ram to smash oncoming vehicles. The Titan’s only downside is its speed. Before attempting to pull away in the Titan, it is recommended to drive the car and get a feel for its handling and performance. The Titan was also present in Saints Row 1, 2, 4 and The Third.

Check out the Titan specs.

Vehicle class Van
Seats 2
Maximum speed 65
Performance 45
Sustainability 70
Off road 30

You can find this armored truck near the banks and casinos around the map.


Enough four-wheeled vehicles. Here’s a bike you can hop on to ride around Santo Illeso. The bike looks like the real Harley Davidson XLH cruiser. When driving down the Estrada, you can easily leave a long trail of damage that stops the cops from following you. You can also perform a wheelie with the bike. The bicycle was present in Saints Row 2 and more.

Take a look at the specifications of Estrade

Vehicle class Motorbike
Seats 2
Maximum speed 72
Performance 60
Sustainability 34
Off road 42

The Estrada is near the police station and sometimes near beer breweries.


The Bullpup is a great vehicle when you want some off-road fun. Its huge tires help it roll easily over the toughest desert terrain. The Bullpup looks like a Bobcat that’s been lifted up with big tires. The Bullpup’s ability is that it can easily jump over all obstacles. It works great when you’re off-roading.

Here is what the Bullpup contains:

Vehicle class Off road
Seats 1
Maximum speed 70
Performance 62
Sustainability 40
Off road 80

As it is a desert vehicle, you can easily find the Bullpup around the southern part of the Rojas desert.


Sounds like a weapon you would use to take out your enemies, the Peacemaker in Saints Row is a sedan. A very sedan and more. If you look at it from a distance, it looks like the Ford Taurus interceptor. With the Peacemaker, you will be able to crush and destroy your enemies or anyone else chasing you. The ability is called Kneecappers and you can easily figure out what is happening to your enemies.

Vehicle class Sedan
Seats 4
Maximum speed 75
Performance 65
Sustainability 45
Off road 80

The Peacemaker is in the Lakeshore North and South Regions and is mainly used by the Santo Ileso Police.

These are the best vehicles you need to drive in Saints Row 2022. Sure, there are a good number of vehicles in the game, but these are by far the best cars you need for almost any mission. If you have any other vehicles in mind that you think should be added to the list, feel free to add them on our social media.

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