a candidate surprises the production by making an extremely rare decision

Emmanuelle in season 17 of “Love is in the meadow” Cécile ROGUE / M6

Among the thirteen singles of season 17 of the romance program, Emmanuelle made a very unexpected choice after reading the letters of her suitors.

For the first time since the show launched in 2005 on M6, ” Love is in the meadow “ welcomes this season a single father-daughter duo with, on one side, Jean-Paul (70 years old) and, on the other, Emmanuelle (42 years old). These winegrowers from the Grand Est have appealed to the teams of Karine Le Marchand to give new impetus to their respective sentimental lives. which is defined as “Swiss Army Knife” of the family farm and assumes his androgynous side says to have lived three great love stories which never lasted beyond seven years. Mourning over the death of her mother and her ex-companion, this great lover of cooking ensured, during the shooting of his portraitbe ready to start a new serious relationship.

“I like the big ones”she confided about her type of man. “Afterwards, brown, blond, blue eyes… Frankly, it’s a whole. When he enters the room, it has to send and he has to be protective. A good guy in his own skin. » But in the process of “Love is in the meadow”, Emmanuelle did not offer any man the opportunity to let the charm operate at first sight. Because after reading the letters of her suitors, she decided not to meet any of them during the speed dating phase in Paris. With Karine Le Marchandshe admitted that the broadcast of her portrait on M6 had caused an awareness in her. “Honestly, I didn’t have a crush”she simply explained about the dozen men who took the trouble to write to her.

Contacted by our colleagues from Tele-Leisure the production of “Love is in the meadow” explained why Emmanuelle did not go further in the adventure. “It was men who had children who were not of age and she said to herself that it will not do it”said producer Marlène Loubière about the letters received. “She didn’t want to have them moved for nothing. […] We weren’t going to force her, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. The idea is not to make her uncomfortable during a date in Paris. » The 42-year-old Lorraine agreed to take part in recording the results of this season 17. In 2015, as part of the tenth season, Eva had made the same decision as Emmanuelle by giving up pursuing the experience beyond beyond reading his letters.


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