A celebrity well known to TF1 viewers hid under the Knight’s mask

It is finally the Knight who was unmasked at the end of the episode of Mask Singer this Tuesday, September 20. Undisputed showman, he offered many wild performances to the jury as well as viewers before being forced to remove his mask.

Ex aequo

This week, the remaining characters were brought together as a duo to perform a song for two. The fates of each pair were linked. The Monkey was thus accompanied by the Turtle, the Knight’s Bride and the Polar Bear Elephant, the latter having joined the adventure last week after having escaped two face-to-face encounters.

After a vote by the public present in the studio, it was finally the Rose and the Knight who obtained the least support. They were therefore pitted against each other in a decisive vote to designate which one should remove their mask and would be definitively eliminated from the competition. Unprecedented in the show, the two characters arrived ex-aequo.

Parity criterion

The jury composed of Vitaa, Kev Adams, Jeff Panacloc, Chantal Ladesou and Francis Huster, guest juror of the evening, therefore had to decide to designate the eliminated.

The Knight was designated, Francis Huster evoking the criterion of parity since only two female characters were still in competition for four male characters. On social networks, this criterion of choice was strongly criticized by viewers, believing that the Knight deserved his place more.

Under the Knight’s mask hid the adventurer, dancer and animator Laurent Maistretwinner of Koh Lanta in 2014 and season 7 of Dance with the stars.

Surprise character and express survey

During the evening, another character appeared alongside Camille Combal : the construction cone.

Without performance or magneto clue, the jury tried to find the identity of this mysterious character during an express investigation. They and they then discovered Michel Ansault, the husband of Chantal Ladesou, under the mask.

Since the start of the show, the various participants have regularly referred to “Chantal’s husband”, which is why the latter had come to surprise his wife.

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