A columnist disrespects his son Lino, the host makes a drastic decision live

Matthieu Delormeau was in turmoil this Wednesday, September 7 in Do not touch My TV ! He was the target of Youtubeur and new recruit this season Nino Arial, who swung a file on the 48-year-old columnist. The latter would have expressed himself badly about Lino, the son of Cyril Hanouna, who also looks a lot like his father.

I arrived a few days ago, no one knew me, I ran into Matthieu who didn’t know who I was because he’s not interested in anyone.” told Nino Arial at first, then already causing some laughter from the chroniclers and the spectators who quickly understood that it was in all likelihood a joke. “He’s there, he’s talking to everyone, and you arrived with Lino”, he continued, addressing Cyril Hanouna.

A face to face with Lino?

We had just shot the video we made together (in which Lino made a surprise appearance, editor’s note). And Matthieu in his excessive kindness and his legendary honesty looks at Lino and begins to say ‘how beautiful is this child…’ (…) but when you (Cyril Hanouna and Lino, editor’s note ) went to the elevator, Matthieu turned to me and said, I quote ‘this child is execrable I can’t stand him’“he revealed, thus provoking the general indignation of all the columnists, all with obviously a lot of second …

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