A Ghent commissioner flashed at 109 km / h instead of 50 on the day of his departure party: “I have never drunk and never been flashed”

Within the Ghent police, 67-year-old Eric Naudts is a well-known person. The commissioner was celebrated by his colleagues on July 31, his last day with the police. A surprise party that was organized in his honor.

Alas, the return of this party did not go as planned. As he told our colleagues from HLN, the commissioner usually goes by bike to his place of work, but that day, he was there by car because he had to pick up his business.

And on the way back, he was arrested… by the police! Indeed, it was flashed at 110 km / h while the maximum authorized speed was 50. Eric Naudts was therefore deprived of his driving license. “During the trip home, I remembered all these years in the police and I admit that I did not really pay attention to my speed”, he confides to our colleagues. It was the last day of my career. I hope the judge will invoke extenuating circumstances”.

The former commissioner was not subjected to an alcohol test, when that should have been the case. “I never drink. I don’t even know the taste of beer. I hope the judge will show a little leniency. I’ve never been flashed”.

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