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This is the small controversy that had punctuated the week of mourning for the royal family: while Prince Harry had been authorized to participate in the procession behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in the streets of London, he had no On the other hand, he could not wear his military uniform, despite ten years in the army and had to parade in a tuxedo alongside his brother William, who had all his paraphernalia.

However, the whole country knows it: the youngest son of King Charles III is very attached to the army and spent many years there, even agreeing to serve for the United Kingdom in Afghanistan during various missions. An experience unfortunately erased by … his departure from the royal family, in March 2020! By abandoning his duties, Prince Harry also agreed to lose military honors and therefore the right to wear the uniform in the same way as his brother, also a helicopter pilot.

An observation that had it “saddened“, but that he had accepted, surely not to cause too much scandal at such a time. This Wednesday, he therefore wore a gray suit, on which he had hung his military medals, just like his uncle, Prince Andrew, himself stripped of his titles after being accused of sexual assault on a minor in the Epstein case.At their side, Prince William, King Charles III but also Princess Anne and Prince Edward had as for them. ..

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