A monkey pox vaccination center has opened in Aurillac (Cantal)

“There is first a small consultation”, explains Dr. Ximena Llobet, public health specialist at Cegidd (Free Center for Information, Screening and Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections) at Aurillac Hospital. And then the patients go from Cegidd to the vaccination center, a stone’s throw away, to have their injection administered “subcutaneously, behind the arm”.

This monkeypox virus vaccination center is open every Tuesday, between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., by appointment only.

. Operational since last week, it is sized to receive nine patients per afternoon. But the hospital center does not rule out, in the long term, extending the time slots if necessary.

The hospital takes the opportunity to do prevention

According to an epidemiological assessment stopped at the beginning of September, 315 confirmed cases of monkey pox have already been reported in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, including 69% in the Rhône department. In Cantal, no case has been recorded.

“Out of 18 deaths worldwide, three were recorded in Europe, two in Spain, one in Belgium”, explains Doctor Llobet.

In Puy-de-Dôme, the first cases of monkey pox continue to flow

Vaccination against Monkeypox is recommended by the High Authority for Health for those most exposed to this virus: “men who have sex with men, and trans people reporting multiple sexual partners”, “workers in the sex”, “professionals in places of sexual consumption, regardless of the status of these places”.

Two doses

The classic vaccination schedule is two doses, on D0 then D28, or three doses for the immunocompromised (D0, D28, D56).

Emergency workers at Aurillac hospital (Cantal) on indefinite strike

After the injection, a “15-minute monitoring” period is applied to guard against the risk of an allergic reaction. “During this wait, we offer full screening for all sexually transmitted infections,” adds Dr. Llobet. Patients can accept or refuse. It also gives us a little more time to talk with them, because other vaccines are recommended for homosexuals: hepatitis A, hepatitis B and papillomavirus. » Contact.

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