A mysterious young woman appeared during the Apple keynote

The “Far Out” Keynote ended a few days ago and one question still remains, who is this mysterious woman at the end of the broadcast?

Would Apple have reintroduced in these keynotes, the famous “One more Thing”. The last time a “One more Thing” was present was in September 2017, when the iPhone X was announced. The latter concerned the Apple Music service.

This Wednesday, September 7 at the very end of the keynote, a mysterious woman appeared on the screen for a few seconds. Just before disappearing in “hologram” mode. We had already seen this woman in the middle of the keynote during the presentation of the AirPods Pro 2.

Who is this mysterious woman?

It is a young woman with flamboyant hair in a blue-green outfit waiting for her metro. This young woman, from behind and slightly profiled, reminds us of Britt Lower, one of the actresses of a famous series from the Apple TV + catalog. Indeed, she looks like one of the main characters of the “Severance” series. Britt Lower plays the role of Helly in this science fiction series.

Credit: AFP.

For those who have seen the series, the scene is inevitably intriguing and one wonders what Helly is doing here, in this enigmatic virtual form.

Teasing or novelties?

Two sensations are mixed at the end of this keynote. Either it is a teaser for season 2 of “Severance” which should be released in the next few days or it is a teaser on the probable arrival of the Apple virtual reality headset. The clues that allow us to believe it are the holographic disappearance of the young woman at the end of the broadcast.

What do you think ? Virtual reality helmet or season 2 of “Severance”? To get our answers, you will have to be patient and follow Apple’s announcements in the coming days.

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