a new cell therapy leads to the remission of 5 patients

This is a result that some scientists simply describe as “revolutionary”. In a new study, published on September 15 in the journal NatureMedicine (Source 1), researchers report the remission of 5 patients treated with a new cell therapy, treatment with CAR-T (Chimeric Antigenic Receptor – T) cells.

A chronic autoimmune disease that evolves in flare-ups, lupus is characterized by an attack by the immune system, which turns against the body’s cells. Current treatment for lupus relies on taking drugs to suppress or weaken the immune system, or, in the most severe cases, to kill B lymphocytes, cells of the immune system that attack the body. However, this therapeutic approach has its limits, because it cannot kill all the B lymphocytes, which anyway play a useful role in defending the body against pathogens.

Used to treat certain cancers, CAR-T cell therapy used in the study involved programming cells of the immune system, in this case T cells, not to attack cancer cells, but to target CD19, a B cell protein, since they are the ones that malfunction and harm the body.

And the result is more than encouraging since “CD19 CAR T-cell treatment not only effectively depletes B cells in patients with [lupus]”,…

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