A Plopsaqua park could see the light of day in Boussu!

Will Boussu be the third Belgian municipality to welcome Plopsaqua to its territory? It is in any case the clearly displayed will of the mayor, Jean-Claude Debiève. For several months, in the most total discretion, the negotiations are organized between the municipal elected officials and the investors. Today, all the lights are green… or almost. The mayor hopes to be able to sign before the end of this year.

“Everything is ready, the agreements are written, we just have to sign”confirms the mayor. “But we have to deal with a few people who are trying to put a spoke in the wheels of the administration and who are worried about the feasibility of such a project. We would be the second Walloon municipality to welcome Plopsaqua. It would be a real chance, not only for our commune but for a whole region.”

Wild river, wave pool, indoor and outdoor pools, slides, sky drop (include a trapdoor slide) or even a sports pool and paddling pool, there is no shortage of attractions in the water park to delight young and old. “It’s a dream place for the kids as well as for their parents. It’s the possibility for them to live a day out of time, a day of change of scenery close to home. We couldn’t imagine developing such a project ourselves. Here, we could count on the experience and know-how of professionals, ready to invest in us.”

The investors would assume the project alone. “If we sign, we no longer have to worry about anything. They will assume the profits as well as the losses and undertake to offer democratic prices. On our side, the reimbursements would be spread over 20 years. We would have preferred to be able to count on the support of neighboring municipalities, but the discussions yielded nothing, some not having the means or having other projects. The municipalities of Dour, Hensies, Quiévrain and Honnelles had been approached by Jean-Claude Debiève.

It was ultimately alone that Boussu continued her negotiations. “We have done and redone the accounts and it is possible for us to go there alone! Nothing, in the summerat, do not prevent us from signing.” If the mayor manages to convince, the project could be tied up in less time than it takes to say. The park could open after about a year of work, on the site of the current swimming pool.“It is the ideal place since we have a large car park. Some measures and arrangements will of course be necessary but nothing is impossible.”

And to add: “I hope to be able to offer this to the children of the town and the region. I have no doubt that the French population would also come to us to enjoy it!” To date, two Plopsaqua parks have been opened in Belgium, in La Panne since 2015 and in Hannut-Landen since the end of 2020. Boussu hopes to complete the picture and benefit from a sizeable water park, while in 2019, the current swimming pool had not reopened after work.

The investment required to completely restore it was indeed too great. The Plopsaqua project therefore appears to be a real godsend and should allow the municipality to benefit from a theme park, without however undermining municipal finances.

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