A time courted by the Devils, Pascal Struijk made his choice

A target of Roberto Martinez flies away. Last year, the Catalan admitted to following several binational profiles to join the Red Devils. Among them, Pascal Struijk figured in a very good position. The left-handed defender does indeed have an excellent profile to take over from a player like Jan Vertonghen, for example.

For a long time, the Leeds player had left some doubt hanging over him. The one who was born in Deurne but grew up in the Netherlands confessed his choice on ESPN. “If I am selected, I will choose the Oranje,” he said on De Voetbalkantine. Picked up by Martinez, Struijk admits that he still hesitated. He had even asked to be naturalized Belgian. Which had the gift of blurring the tracks a little. “There was a time when I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. Then I considered everything and really thought about it. And the Netherlands is finally my first choice.”

Already called up for U17, the player has this time been shortlisted for the first time by Louis van Gaal. A real treat for the 23-year-old defender. “It means a lot to me”he added. “This is my first time in the national team roster. The media officer came to me after training and told me the news. My phone was full of messages and I felt like a little kid. It’s very nice to be in and now we hope I’m in the final selection. If I’m in the selection, I’ll choose for the Netherlands. It’s my first choice.”

And if not? There is no doubt that the player has made his adopted country a priority. Chance of the calendar, the Netherlands will face the Devils at the end of September.

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