After a nasty blunder with a columnist from “TPMP”, the famous host confesses… “I went out with a Laura”

Every week, Cyril Hanouna is there to present countless numbers of Do not touch My TV. On weekends, Matthieu Delormeau takes over with TPMP People. In any case this Friday, September 16, 2022, the PAF star found some of his columnists on the set of C8. As usual, Cyril Hanouna seemed to be in top form.

From the first minutes, he also announced the color. Finding himself without pants to the delight of Guillaume Genton, the famous producer did not failed to tickle Valérie Benaïm… To not change ! The duo even competed to try to win their cellphones to people in the public. In the process, Cyril Hanouna ended up taking control of the live more seriously. And to do so, the main interested party took action around the table to gauge the mood of his colleagues.

“How are you, Laura?”

Unfortunately for him, he made a small mistake when speaking to Sofia: “How are you Laura? “. What the pretty brunette replied visibly taken aback: “I am Sofia”. Wanting to rectify the situation, Lino de Bianca’s dad tried to catch up… Without success. “I went out with a Laura eight years ago”, confessed Cyril Hanouna facing the camera. But it is bad to know Benjamin Castaldi who took the opportunity to add a layer. “Eight years ago or 8 hours ago? », launched not without humor the darling of Aurore Aleman.

Stung to the quick, Cyril Hanouna therefore made him understand that the joke had lasted long enough. “So him, we know where he will be in 8 hours in any case”, he replied, causing laughter around him. If he teases his columnists a lot about it, Kelly Vedovelli’s sidekick has always made it a point of honor to preserve his secret garden. Since his break with Emilie, the mother of his children, it is difficult to know if Cyril Hanouna has really found love. “I’m not with anyone but my heart is taken”, he nevertheless confided on May 18. Rare secrets that have had the merit of intrigue viewers. To be continued…


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