After the elimination of the French defending champions, who will join the “Final 4” of the Nations League?

The Nations League is back: the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Hungary will try to consolidate their place as leaders during the last two days of the group stage, in order to obtain their ticket for the “Final 4“, which will be played in June 2023 without France, defending champion already out of the race.

The Dutch selection is the one that made the best start to the competition with 10 points (3 wins and 1 draw). During her trip Thursday evening (8:45 p.m.) to Poland (3rd in group 4, 4 pts), the objective will be to maintain her lead over her Belgian runner-up (2nd, 7 pts), whom she will receive on Sunday evening.

Croatia (2nd in group 1 with 7 pts) can still hope to play the final phase. She will try to take the lead of her group by receiving the current leader, Denmark (1st, 9 points) on Saturday.

Same thing for Portugal (2nd in group 2, 7 pts), which is only one point behind Spain. The Selection of Cristiano Ronaldo will first move to the Czech Republic on Saturday before playing at home on Tuesday a game that looks like the final against the Roja.

In the very tough group 3, only one point separates the Hungarian leader from his German runner-up, who himself is only one point ahead of Italy (3rd, 5 pts). England, last (2 pts in 4 matches), has very little chance of reaching the “Final 4“. The English travel to the San Siro on Friday.

The teams that end up in last place in the League A groups will be relegated to League B. A relegation that the French team wants to avoid at all costs.

The French, last in group 1 with only two points, started their competition very badly and will try to save their honor when they receive Austria on Thursday (3rd, 4 pts), then during their trip to the leader in Denmark. sunday.

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