AirPods: your iPhone will now detect counterfeits

iOS 16 will allow users to check whether the AirPods they have in their hands are counterfeit or not.

Apple announced last night during its Keynote that the new version of iOS 16 would be available this Monday, September 12. We already know a lot of new things about this major update. However, the Cupertino company has just added an interesting feature: the ability to detect counterfeit AirPods.

With the announcement of its new connected headphones, the AirPods Pro 2, Apple is doubling down. On the one hand, it is selling better quality but rather expensive headphones and on the other hand, it is warning the second-hand market that it will be able to identify any counterfeit AirPods.

Prevention is better than cure

We know that the second-hand market generates a lot of transactions, especially Apple products. Some products show no scam attempt, but some are counterfeit.

Apple explains to us that the AirPods produced by the Californian firm must generate an animation when connected. If there is not this animation, it will be necessary to be vigilant, because the AirPods can be counterfeited. A notification will also confirm this.

The best thing to do when buying second-hand AirPods is to connect them to your iPhone. If the animation appears, you can be reassured. Otherwise, you may have been cheated.

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