Alain Chabat arrives on TF1 with a “late show”

The great return of Alain Chabat to television. This Friday, the TF 1 channel revealed in a short sequence posted on social networks the upcoming arrival on its antenna of the former figure of Dummies. In its trailer reminiscent of a recent video by Charles III signing a guestbook in Belfast, we discover Alain Chabat in a black suit, seated at a table and surrounded by Jamel Debbouze and Léa Drucker, also dressed in black.

The actor faces a contract that he seems to discover. “Do I have to put on noon? ” he asks. “11 p.m. sir! Jamel Debbouze replies in a solemn tone. “If you write noon when it’s 11 p.m., it makes no sense because it’s a late show,” adds Léa Drucker, in the role of Camilla. “Yes, I am aware, Batman. Thanks ! replied Alain Chabat, before getting angry: “There you go! I hate that! We’re here to sign contracts for a late show and the pen does not work! He flees ! And now my fingers are all stained. »

In a press release, the front page specifies that it will offer “a series of exceptional programs” with the actor, without detailing their content or their dates of arrival on the air. Broadcast at 11 p.m., the new program from the director of “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” will be called “The Late Show with Alain Chabat”. It will be produced by R&G Productions, the company behind the successful return of “Burger Quiz” in 2018 on TMCwith a certain Alain Chabat, already, at the animation.

From precedents to disappointing audiences

This is not the first time that TF 1 has tried the “late show”, named after these late and entertaining programs popular in the United States. In 2001, Jean-Pierre Foucault had, for example, presented “We will have warned you”, a talk show inspired by that of David Letterman, the star of American television. The program had to be stopped quickly by the front page, for lack of audience. Same fate for “Tonight with Arthur”, a second-party entertainment tested first on Comédie +, before arriving on the front page in 2013. And to be stopped after a few months because of hearings disappointing.

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