Alec Segaert delighted after his silver medal: “I may have started too quickly in this time”

For his first year with the Espoirs, at 19, Alec Segaert took silver in the time trial at the Wollongong Worlds. Second behind the Norwegian Soren Waerenskjold, three years older than him, the young Belgian rider was very satisfied with his result. He made it known at the microphone of our special correspondent in Australia Jérôme Helguers.

“I am certainly happy with this second place behind Waerenkskold who was one of the big favorites in this race. I rode an almost perfect time trial“, rejoiced the reigning European champion in the specialty.

“A second place at 16 seconds is still a significant gap, but this place gives me confidence for the next few years”, continued Segaert, who had set the best reference time in the first and second points.

“I really started very well. Maybe a little too well. I had to hold myself back so as not to go too high in the laps. But hey at the end, I still had some under the pedal to make a good second lap. Waerenskjold was even better than me. He’s three years older, he’s got more pro racing on his legs (Editor’s note: he rides for the continental pro team UNO-X) and a bigger engine than he has could use in his 2nd lap. He has more experience and rode longer lap times. I rode a 30 km CLM once but the others it was barely more than 20. It weighs in the balance and it that’s why I can be satisfied”, analyzed the new Lotto recruit who signed him until 2025.

Ambitious, Segaert hopes to return to the Worlds in the coming years to aim for victory. “JI still have three years ahead of me and I hope to be able to climb a rung on the podium by then. I was third last year, second this year in the top category, the goal is to improve further.

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