Alex Teklak: ‘Deila is one with Standard and it’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen that’

During the month of April, the Standard officially became the property of the American investment fund 777 Partners. A galaxy of clubs around which our team questioned itself.

I wonder to what extent the nature of Standard can be a satellite club among many others” asks Alex Teklak. “It’s such a unique club with so much identity that seeing it in a kind of galaxy, I really wonder if it’s a club that deserves that status. There are clubs without ranks with whom you can do that. But Standard, I’m less convinced.”

“I had the same thought for Olympique Lyonnais which has a real playing identity and which was bought by the same owners as RWDM with clubs in Brazil, England” adds Pascal Scime. “It’s one of the best training centers in Europe, 7 times champion of France. It’s as if OM had been bought by financiers. Note that Genoa has a bit of the same DNA as Standard. is the sweat, the shirt, the supporters strongly attached. Are they going to target clubs like that? But what is interesting is that the directors are very interested in the U23s.

And Alex Teklak to conclude: “Because that’s where they’re going to make money, 777. They’re not philanthropists, they’re not there to do social work. This type of management leads young players to be profitable very quickly .”

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