already ready to be queen? This detail of her look that did not go unnoticed…

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It’s a detail on the look side that has not escaped the specialists: photographed this Friday, September 9 after the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II the day before, Kate Middleton was dressed in black to pick up her children from school, the scarred face hidden under thick sunglasses. But she wore mostly beautiful earrings in pearl that the keenest observers recognized immediately.

Indeed, signed Annoushka Ducas, they are part of the favorite jewelry of the new Princess of Wales for major events: she wore them in particular during the first official photos of her son Prince George. Some have seen it a certain tribute to the queen Elizabeth II, of whom the quarantine was particularly close for several years.

But that’s not all: wearing these earrings, Kate Middleton enters a little more in the tradition of the royal family. Indeed, it is customary for women in mourning to wear pearls as jewelry, especially from Queen Victoria. After the death of her husband, she wore only black until her death, sometimes only allowing herself a pearl necklace.

Queen Elizabeth II herself had respected this tradition in her jewelry, especially after the death of her father, but also at the funerals of her sister, Princess Margaret, and her…

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