an ex-candidate reveals to be pregnant and reveals very funny photos

Pink notebook. an ex-candidate of Married at first sight season 5, announced this Wednesday, September 21, her pregnancy on her Instagram account with a lot of humor!

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Family Married at first sight is growing! This Wednesday, September 21, Laura, contestant for season 5 of the dating program, has announced that she is expecting her first child. “A mini us. We want to share some great news with you today: a little being will soon point the tip of his nose for our greatest happiness“, she writes before identifying her companion Ondra. A few months later her divorce with ClementLaura had found love in the arms of this young man from the Czech Republic… who is not lacking in spirit! The future dad shows off on social networks, exclusively dressed in boxer shorts with original patterns. Breakfast, Christmas, holidays… There seems to be one for every occasion. To announce Laura’s pregnancy, the couple wanted to wink at this sartorial passion. And it’s very funny!

A humorous pregnancy announcement

Ultrasound in hand, loving looks… The photos to announce the happy event exude tenderness. With one detail: the future father is … in boxer shorts with a duck pattern. A trait of humor that defines Ondra well. But soon, he will no longer be the only one sporting this look since the future child will also have the right to this wacky outfit. In effect, Laura holds in her hands a boxer similar to that of her companion… in a miniature version! A very funny pregnancy announcement that looks a lot like the couple, who have been enjoying happy days since 2021.

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Family Married at first sight to the angels!

This happy news seems to have made the family happy Married at first sight. In the comments, many of them share their joy: “Congratulations again guys! I validate x1000 the photo, it looks so much like you“, writing Marlene from season 3Oh but magic congratulations! Very good“, comments Vivien, still in a relationship with Charline also encountered during season 3, “Yeahhhh finally we can talk about it!!!! Kinder favorite surprise. Congratulations to you, I’m planning the baby’s room quickly“, have fun Laure, who has just celebrated her daughter’s first birthday. On his side, Matthieu from season 4, who has just had a childquips: “Congratulations my friends! We are going to set up a crèche with Marlène, Sébastien, Vivien and Charline. The idea may not be bad: babies MAPR more and more are emerging. Enough to confirm the strength of the concept of the M6 ​​show! Pictures to find here.

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