an incredible photo unveiled, the actress embarrassed!

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After the success of the series HPIAudrey Fleurot plays in a mini-series called The Fightersproduced by Quad TV and directed by Alexandre Laurent, the same man who was at the helm of the Charity Bazaar whose pretty redhead was the heroine. This time, it’s about following four women in wartime: Julie de Bona as a nun, Camille Lou as a young nurse, Sofia Essaïdi as a factory boss and finally Audrey Fleurot as a prostitute. A role she takes on brilliantly but which remains far from her career. Indeed, the actress has always been attracted to the theater, and this from a very young age. But besides, what did she look like as a teenager?

The answer was given several years ago live on television! It was in May 2018, when Audrey Fleurot was invited on the set of Hello earthlings!, broadcast by Thierry Ardisson at the time broadcast on C8. The lover of director Djibril Glissant with whom she has a little boy named Lou (6 years old) had initially come to promote his new film, Mothers Day. But that’s when the host decides to paint her portrait, presenting her as “the flamboyant redhead of French cinema“.

In the process, Thierry Ardisson digs into his archives and pulls out an old interview during which the star claimed to be “a scam“, especially physically. Words…

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