Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine annoyed by the attitude of Charles III with Camilla

An attitude that she did not appreciate… Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Charles III got particularly annoyed when a pen didn’t work. As part of his reconnaissance tour of the nations of the United Kingdom, it was while he was about to sign a paper that the new King of England first got the date wrong. Seconds later, his pen started leaking. “Oh my god I hate this“, he exclaimed. As his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, grabbed the pen, the father of princes William and Harry cursed: “I hate those damn things! It happens every damn time!“Losing patience, Charles III left the room, while his wife sat down in his place to sign the famous document, with another pen. After reviewing the sequence, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine exclaimed on the set of C to youon France 5: “He abandons her, he plants her on the spot in a rather cavalier way. Me, I was very shocked!

If Charles III left his wife behind, he fought for a long time to have her accepted by the royal family. A year before the death of Elizabeth II, the British historian Robert Lacey had confided in the columns of Gala : “He is only obsessed with one thing: the title that his wife Camilla will bear when he ascends the throne of England.He added:Although it has been claimed that she will then become princess consort, Charles wants her (…)


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