Another mysterious death of a close friend of Vladimir Putin: a businessman dies drowned after falling from his boat

Last February, Ivan Pechorin was appointed director general of the “Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (ERDC) in response to international sanctions against Russia. The objective of this institution is to develop energy and mining resources in the east of the country. “Ivan’s death is an irreparable loss for friends and colleagues, a great loss for the company,” the ERDC said.

Appointed to this post by Vladimir Putin himself, Ivan Pechorin succeeded Igor Nosov, who died at the age of 43 from a stroke.

A few days before the tragedy, this close friend of the Russian leader had participated in the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. During this, Vladimir threatened the West to stop all delivery of hydrocarbons in the event of a price cap. He also defended himself from using energy as a “weapon”.

For several months, the mysterious deaths of personalities close to the Kremlin have multiplied.

In April, the oligarch Serguëi Protosenya, was notably found dead in his residence. The bodies of his wife and daughter were also discovered. The hypothesis according to which he would have committed suicide after having killed them had been put forward. Alexander Subbotin, former big boss of Lukoil, died in May after being poisoned by toad venom during a shamanism session. Finally, on September 1, Ravil Maganov, vice-president of the Russian oil company, also allegedly ended his life by defending himself from the window.

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