Antidiarrheal drugs to treat the main symptoms of autism

These drugs could have unexpected power. According to a recent study, some existing products represent an unexpected treatment to relieve autism spectrum disorder symptoms. And, in particular, antidiarrheal drugs. These findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers used a computer model that encompasses the proteins involved in ASDs and how they interact. By examining how certain drugs affect proteins, they determined that a antidiarrheal medicine commonly used (loperamide) was the most promising candidate. The latter could treat the symptoms of ASD, mainly the difficulties concerning social interaction and communication.

Treatments with side effects

“There are currently no drugs approved for the treatment of social communication deficits, the primary symptom of ASDs,” said Dr Elise Koch of the University of Oslo, lead author of the study. Before completing: “However, most adults and about half of children and adolescents with ASD are treated with antipsychotic drugs, which have serious side effects or lack efficacy in ASD.”

How does it work ? If the link between the drug and autism seems odd, researchers…

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