Aphrodisiacs: in Ivory Coast, the method of some men to treat erectile dysfunction

Mamadou Faye and Firmain Mbadinga, with La Vie, the BBC health programme.

image caption,

One of the many products sold to enhance sexual performance.

Improving sexual performance has always been a human agenda since the dawn of time. In Côte d’Ivoire, where the team from BBC Africa’s health program La Vie visited, the “chicken market” at Rivera 2 is a place where aphrodisiacs are displayed and sold to help men improve, no less without danger, their moment of coitus.

Like broken down vehicles that need to be “repaired” or given a helping hand to see them go back to full speed, young and old are storming the “garage” of the “chicken market” in Abidjan.

They often go there for this locally made aphrodisiac to enhance their sexual vigor.

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