Apple raises the price of App Store apps

The US tech company will raise prices in several countries and regions, including the eurozone, next month, Apple told developers. In Vietnam, the price is increased due to the change in tax rules.

Why this is happening in other countries isn’t immediately clear. This probably has to do with the strong appreciation of the dollar against other currencies, such as the euro. In addition to the eurozone countries, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Egypt, Pakistan and therefore Vietnam, among others, will suffer price increases from October 5. In Japan, the increase is around 30%. The Eurozone seems to suffer a similar fate.

Rising product prices

Earlier this summer, Apple raised the prices of its Macbooks, iPhones and iPads to compensate for the exchange rate difference. The Euro exchange rate against the US dollar is now almost flat and there are signs that the dollar will become even more expensive.

The App Store is an important source of revenue for the company. In Apple’s latest quarterly update, the App Store’s financial performance fell short of expectations. Senior executive Tim Cook acknowledged that the company was facing a “some weaknessand a slowing economy. At the same time, he expressed hope for a revenue rebound in the fourth quarter.

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