Apple raises the price of its Airpods

Apple took advantage of the update of its store to increase the price of its Airpods, which will now be sold 20€ more expensive than in the past.

The presentation of the new iPhones was an opportunity for Apple to update its online store. And, surprise, some prices have changed. This is particularly the case for Airpods, which see their price go from €199 to €219, i.e. a price increase of €20 all the same.

No explanation of the reasons that led Apple to inflate its prices in Europe. Inflation probably has a lot to do with it. It should be noted, however, that Apple now offers a more economical alternative with a model that can be recharged only by wire, sold at 209€. A novelty in the apple catalog.

Is this a good plan? Not necessarily. First, because the price difference between the two models is minor. And casually, this is a feature highly appreciated by users.

If you were about to buy Airpods 3, know that it is still possible to buy them at the old price at certain retailers. However, do not delay too much since they should adapt their prices very quickly…

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