Argentina: Six dead from pneumonia caused by Legionella

During the day, the ministry had communicated the death of another patient, a 64-year-old man, also presenting comorbidities. And on Saturday, the death of another, also with comorbidities, was announced.

A total of 11 cases, linked to a private clinic in San Miguel de Tucuman, provincial capital, have been identified since August 18.

The majority of patients were members of the nursing staff, one was a 70-year-old patient who had undergone surgery in the same clinic.

On Saturday, Argentine Health Minister Carla Vizzotti announced that the bacterial agent in question “is Legionella”, adding that the precise type of Legionella, probably Legionella pneumophila, was being identified.

Legionnaires’ disease is a serious pulmonary infection of bacterial origin, the contamination of which can be done by the respiratory route by inhaling the bacteria, “through water or air conditioning”, recalled the minister.

She added that “measures are underway in the clinic to identify if it (the bacterial agent) is in the water, and on the accumulator tank”, in order to be able “to use the clinic again without any risk”. .

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