Aubin. Take Root, a new local cosmetics brand

For the past 4 years, Tiffany Scudier, located in Aubin, has worked long hours designing 100% natural soap recipes. Today, she has been licensed to sell her cosmetics to the public. More than a brand, a state of mind!

While of course Tiffany Scudier manufactures its skincare and personal care products in an artisanal manner with 100% natural ingredients, it is careful to ensure that the composition of its skincare products is compatible with everyone’s skin. This is why she was accompanied by independent pharmacists and toxicology experts who were able to provide her with many insights and finally, validate her recipes. It thus offers cold saponified soaps suitable for the whole family and fragrance-free and essential oil-free balms for the most sensitive skin. In an eco-responsible spirit, it also offers reusable bathroom accessories. Quality and hygiene are important!

The sale of its products

“All of my soaps and balms are regularly evaluated by a toxicologist expert for validation and sale of my products to the public” explains Tiffany Scudier.

In addition, Tiffany Scudier has also trained in good manufacturing practices (ISO 22716 standard) which govern the hygiene and working conditions in which any artisanal manufacture of this type of product must be carried out. She explains that “there are specific areas throughout the manufacturing process in the lab that need to be identified and implemented.”

Crowdfunding until Thursday

Tiffany Scudier needs to polish a few details, which is why she created a call for contributions that ends soon, September 15th. In the future, as soon as all its work and reception space is finalized, it plans to sell its artisanal care products around mid-November 2022 directly on its premises. She plans to sell in the “click and collect” style on her site, soon to be created. In the meantime, everyone can already go support her, get more information here:

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