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La Travée d’Azur is the third area of ​​the Dragon Islands, the mainland of the Dragonflight expansion. WoW players start the zone around level 64 and will end the story at level 65, or even 66 if you do side quests or get rest. You will unlock the Iskaarian Rohart faction and help them fend off the Gnolls. Kalecgos and Khadgar are present, and the blue dragonflight plays a vital role in the region. It is also in the Travée d’Azur that you will receive your 3rd dragon flight mount. I advise you to do side quests to ensure the passage to level 66, required to take the quest leading to Valdrakken and Thaldraszus.

1. Summary of the Azure Travee

  • Major characters: Kalecgos, Khadgar, Sindragosa and the Roharts.
  • Access to level 65 at least. Take the time to level up to level 66 so you can immediately pick up the Kalecgos quest leading to Valdrakken.
  • Dragon Ride:
    • Acquisition of the third mount, a Highland Drake.
    • Obtained several cosmetic modifications for your drakes.
    • Acquired the Spinning Pulse ability that allows you to perform a wide forward spiral to increase your speed.
  • Discovery of the Iskaarian Rohart faction.
  • Dungeons: Azure Vault and Hollow Fougerobes.

2. Travée d’Azur: Long version

2.1. Azure Vowstone

The arrival in the area is done calmly in a small fishing camp. It’s a short respite before the storm as action will be immediate in the area. If the Plains of Ohn’ahra began with a long introduction to the history of the maruuk centaurs, this is not the case here.

Indeed, you are asked to quickly go to Camp Antonidas. As soon as you arrive, you find that the Primalists are not hanging around and are already trying to reduce the place to ashes. You will therefore participate in the defense while carrying out many secondary quests directly or indirectly related to the events.

Your two main interlocutors are Khadgar and Kalecgos. The first will attempt to delay the Primalist advance and you will spend a lot of time with the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight. You must also find the latter in the archives of Azur in order to help Kalecgos to recover the stone of wish of Azur.

The arrival at the archives of Azur and memorable. The entrance overlooks the Travée d’Azur and you are entitled to a superb panoramic view from the balcony. Kalecgos, or rather his many images, will ask you to participate in the repair of the stone, which involves, on the one hand, the annihilation of different elementals and the activation of several arcane fields. The sequel takes place at the top of the archives. It is an amazing place and if you like dragon flying then you will fall in love with this place. It’s so high that your drake will have a blast and you can reach very far areas by taking off from here. Absolutely awesome.

But back to our current concerns. Your objective is to kill several Ravenous Wyrms (they are very beautiful) and close some kind of portals. Back near the Wishing Stone (Hello Sindragosa), you find that you still have some work to do before you can restore the Blue flight to power. We now need to restore the ley lines throughout the area. Kalecgos will take care of some of them and for your part, you will seek information about the lines in question from the Roharts.

The story of the Travée d’Azur is, so to speak, divided into three parts. The first concerns the wishing stone and depicts very powerful forces. The second is related to the Roharts and immerses you in the daily problems of the faction. It’s more intimate, less impressive. The third and final part stages the Azure Wish Stone and the Primalists for the final battle.

2.2. Help the Roharts pay homage to their leader and fight the Gnolls

The section dedicated to the Roharts is important and corresponds to two chapters of the story out of the four that make up the high mountain linked to the Travée d’Azur campaign.

Returning to Antonidas’ camp, you discuss with several Roharts about the existence of ley lines. However, this is a pretext to take an interest in this people. You will quickly understand that the Gnolls make life difficult for them and you will come to their aid. You learn that the Ponoliak, former chief of the tribe, has just died. His people want to pay homage to him but must deal with the aggressiveness of the Gnolls.

However, it turns out that the latter stole several offerings for Ponoliak’s funeral. You have already figured out that your mission is to collect these items while killing several gnoll leaders and reducing the number of enemies in circulation as much as possible.

As the minutes pass, you learn that the Gnolls seem to be playing with some sort of dark magic. They must therefore be prevented from becoming too powerful. Hop, towards their main camp not only to rescue the Roharts held prisoner there, but also to kill their leader, Kargapatte. Back with Brena, the new warlord of the Iskaarians, you understand that the Gnolls are corrupted by a mysterious force.

Brena then asks you to go lend a hand to other Roharts whose caravan was attacked. The source of the corruption must be unearthed as soon as possible and the source seems to come from the Fougerobes Gnolls. It is at this moment that Kalecgos reappears and announces that he is looking for caves containing ley crystals. That’s good, such a cave exists in Anse-aux-Loupiotes, in the heart of the lair of Fougerobes.

Let’s go for a regular inspection of the Fougerobes territory. Kalecgos will accompany you and provide some DPS. The highlight of the show will take place when you climb on a huge flying magic tome in order to zigzag shamans busy rotting a tree in order to turn it into an overpowered monster. Once the Twisted Ancient is eliminated, you can finally enter the cave and deal with the ley lines.

The threat of the Gnolls is now averted and it is time to pay a final tribute to Chief Ponoliak. The opportunity for you to discover Iskaraa, the Roharts camp. There is a flight master and several NPCs who offer side quests. It’s up to you to accept them and then head to the Azur archives for the last step. Upon arriving, Kalecgos will give you your Highland Drake as well as the Spinning Pulse ability which allows you to perform a wide forward spiral to increase your speed during flight.

2.3. Wishstone and Primalists

Arriving at the wishing stone, Khadgar announces that Raszageth and the Primalists have launched a full-scale attack north of the area, at Vakthros. You need to get to the Shield of Rhonin, the last stronghold of the Kirin Tor in the region, as soon as possible. To go fast, you can climb to the top of the archives and fly with your drake. If you manage your energy well in flight, you can make the trip in one go!

The Vakthros massif is a large mountain in which you will face the Primalists. You must first make your way through a tunnel and eliminate any threat that comes in front of you. A little further on, Khadgar and Kalecgos will ask you to rescue mages from the Kirin Tor and collect primordial energies from the corpses of the elementals. Next, you’ll actually shapeshift into an elemental to deactivate beacons on the noses and beards of Raszageth’s forces. The tension gradually increases and you will now have to defeat Korthrox the Destroyer, a large proto-drake.

Korthrox eliminated, it is Raszageth herself who tries to destroy the Blue flight for good. Your final quest is to destroy a Storm Sphere before it is fully operational. No question of defeating Raszageth since she will be an integral part of Dragonflight’s first raid, the Vault of Incarnations.

Back at the Azure Archives, Sindragosa, Khadgar, and Kalecgos are waiting to congratulate you. You will be rewarded with gear and an achievement. Your adventures do not end there, however, and you must now go to Alextrasza, in Valdrakken, to discover the rest of the story.

Map of the Travée d’Azur

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