battery percentage will not appear on all iPhones

Available for a few weeks in beta, the display of the battery percentage on the iPhone arrives on a large scale with the deployment of the final version of iOS 16. Some models are however incompatible.

Very practical, the battery indicator with percentage is unfortunately not available on all iPhones eligible for iOS 16 // Source: Nathan Le Gohlisse for Frandroid

With the large-scale deployment ofiOS 16I’battery life percentage indicator reintroduced by Apple will make its debut on many iPhones… but, unfortunately, not all. The firm has confirmed that some devices are simply not eligible for this handy feature.

As a reminder, the percentage of available battery life was displayed by default on all iPhones, right next to the battery icon. At least that was the case until the launch of iPhone X in 2017. Apple then decided to remove this small visual precision to free up the space necessary for the notch and its Face ID sensors, at the top of the screen. With the beta of iOS 16, however, the firm had the good idea to reintroduce this percentage by adding it directly to the battery icon.

Four iPhones not eligible for battery percentage return…

On the occasion of the launch of iOS 16, However, Apple has indicated that four iPhone models, although relatively recent, are not eligible for this display of the percentage of autonomy. The firm does not give any specific explanation on the matter.

Here are the ineligible models:

If you have one of these iPhones, there’s no need to rummage through the settings to find an option that you haven’t activated. It is unclear at this stage whether this ineligibility is temporary or permanent, but Apple Insider tends to lean towards the second hypothesis.

If you are concerned, the only way to easily know the remaining battery percentage is to go through the Control Center of your iPhone (with a swipe down from the top right corner of the screen). The percentage then appears in clear text, to the left of the battery icon.

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