Be careful, this bodybuilding regimen can have severe repercussions

The “Bulk and cut” (literally “in bulk and cut” in French) is a common dietary practice in the fitness world. It consists of alternate periods of overconsumption and caloric restriction. Objective ? Optimize muscle mass gain and body fat loss. But this practice is not without physical and mental health risks of the people concerned, according to the conclusions of a recent study published in the journal Eating and Weight Disorders – Studys on Anorexia Bulimia and Obesity (source 1).

As part of their work, the researchers attempted to determine the prevalence and incidence of this technique among Canadian adolescents and young adults. They analyzed the results of a cohort of 2,762 people aged 16 to 30 (53.5% women, 38.4% men and 8.1% transgender people)

Muscle dysmorphophobia and eating disorders

According to the researchers’ observations, almost half (48.9%) of men, one in five women (21.2%) and 21.9% of transgender participants adopted the “bulk and cut” technique. over the past 12 months. Their motivations are very simple: quickly get a more toned and muscular body.

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