Benjamin Biolay cash on his libido, and what he discovered…

At 49, Benjamin Biolay is a discreet man about his relationships and his private life. But he delivers some pieces of his life, in a subtle way, in his texts. His fans can thus listen to his experience, his desires and his frustrations. his album St. Clairreleased on September 9, is very sensual, “like a surge of libido“, as reported by our colleagues from The Obs. The opportunity for the artist to engage on the subject, as rarely. “The libido is not inexhaustible, I know it, I spoke about it with old peoplesaid the singer. You should take advantage. I always liked love, sexsensuality, but I’m less hot than before.”

Benjamin Biolay makes it known that if there are many songs on this theme in Saint-Clair, it is for “create a summer atmosphere“.”We are coming out of a period of deprivation of interactions, the fantasy box was closedexplains the former husband of actress Chiara Mastroianni – mother of her eldest, Anna, born in 2003. Before the confinements, we went out, we met someone, and even without speaking to them, this meeting aroused the desire to write poetry.” “For months, everything that makes love life inspiring has disappeared“, deplores the one who is also the father of a second daughter, born three years ago from a love story in Argentina and whom he hardly sees….

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