Benjamin Biolay has “restored order” in his “abominable” attitude

It’s rare for a singer to open up so much about his flaws.

Being a successful singer can turn the heads of artists very quickly. After a few songs that work very well, the media and people watch you, take you for some kind of mythological figure, you end up believing it and your attitude changes. Benjamin Biolay knows something about it, he who could release a rather negative image at times, being described as arrogant, haughty, and even unsympathetic. An attitude that has recently evolved, and the singer has tried to explain the reasons during an interview.

In the columns of L’Obs, Benjamin Biolay therefore returned to his image and the way he perceived all of this: “I saw singers behaving in an abominable, disrespectful way, and I realized that I behaved the same way. I arrived an hour late for an appointment, I sometimes sang with my back to the public, I was saying horrible things about other singers”, said the artist. But he also claims to have “Restored order by realizing that I was wasting my lucky star. I have the chance to do what I love, if I had continued like this, I would not have done it for very long “.

Words full of lucidity and a certain wisdom, while the 49-year-old singer is about to release his tenth solo album, “Saint-Clair”. In the rest of the interview, he gives examples of singers he has observed having a negative attitude, concluding: “We’re kids from the 1970s who read a lot of fictionalized stories about famous people, and we imagined that this kind of punk attitude created a kind of myth”, an idea which therefore turned out to be wrong in his own opinion. As for us, we are delighted to discover this new personality, more playful, more smiling, funnier, Benjamin Biolay for a few years.

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