Benjamin Biolay without filter on his addiction to alcohol

Benjamin biolay admits to having been an “alcoholic”.

It also strengthens his creative abilities.

At the moment, while he is in full promotion of his next album “Saint-Clair”, Benjamin Biolay is not stingy with revelations in his various media interventions. He talked about his libido and Her daughters without taboo, but also his attitude and everything he changed in his life. In the columns of Marie Claire, it is another strong subject that he addresses this time, his addiction to alcohol which he managed to get out of today. But there was a time when it was going to look really very far as he admits himself.

“At 30, I was an alcoholic. I was sure that I would be a cursed poet for life.”

According to the accounts of a manager, he consumed up to “five liters a day” and thirty bottles of vodka a week.

“I was scared to death, actually.It wasn’t nice, I was getting fat, I wasn’t even drunk.”

Today, he can finally talk about it in the past because he has done what it takes to no longer suffer from this state of affairs. For this, he weaned himself by going to the seaside for six months with his children. Today, he still drinks a little but sees drunkenness as a way to stimulate his artistic abilities.

In the studio, I sometimes get drunk. Two or three drinks gon’ make me go, silence my fuckin’ brain, my hardness with myself that keeps me from getting a song right when I’m close to finding something.”

But insist all the same:

JI couldn’t have made forty albums for the others if I had been a wreck.”

We can hardly be more frank!

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