black series at the Pellissard (large families), Amandine accuses the blow

It’s a weekend that the Pellissards would have done well (Large families, life in XXL)! After Amandine’s husband on Saturday, another member of the family also had to go to the emergency room this Sunday, September 4.

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Fate definitely seems to be beating down on the Pellissards. After Alexander, the famous dad of the show Large families: life in XXL broadcast on TF1, which had to go to the emergency room this Saturday, September 3, another member of the family experienced health concerns the next day, Sunday. Adam, one of his sons, was indeed taken to hospital on the evening of 4 September. “Adam had to go to the emergency room just now around 8 p.m. […]. There, Alex is with him, I stayed with the other little ones”said very worried mother of eight children.

reassuring news

Very close to its subscribersAmandine Pellisard wanted to inform them of the evolution of the state of health of her little piece of cabbage. “He was able to leave the hospital overnight. After several analyzes and examinations, he has large glands in his stomach”, she explained not without a touch of emotion. And to add: “It’s a priori of viral origin, the poor thing is exhausted, but it should be better in the next few days.” Something to give a smile to an Amandine Pelissard who was very worried about her young son.

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A weekend definitely to forget

If the situation now seems to be gradually improving for the Pelissard family, the weekend was not easy for them. In addition to Alexandre and Adam who therefore made a visit to the emergency room, another toddler from the small tribe was also sick: Octave. “He vomited in the night. He had a fever. There, he had a fever all day. So here (we give him) paracetamol every six hours. Then even this morning with the Doliprane, it was 38.3°C. It peaked almost at 40 in (afternoon) after the siesta.” While waiting for these misadventures to be just bad memories, the little tribe can count on Amandine, his mother hento take care of her.

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