Blocking of channels on Canal +: seized by TF1, the Association of Mayors of France alerts Arcom

Millions of French victims of the dispute between TF1 and Canal? Seized by the TF1 group following the cut of its channels distributed by Canal +, the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) alerted the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Arcom), according to a letter from its president. David Lisnard made public on Twitter.

Due to a disagreement on the amount of the fee it owes TF1 for the broadcasting of its channels, the Canal + group decided on Friday September 2 to stop broadcasting the programs of the Bouygue group subsidiarys not only on its classic offers but also on the so-called “TNT Sat” satellite offer, which concerns two million households, according to TF1.

“These homes are located in areas of the territory which are not covered by digital terrestrial television (TNT), nor by telecom operators via ADSL or fiber”, explains the group in a letter dated Saturday, addressed to the AMF.

TF1 specifies that no alternative to satellite is possible to watch its channels.

“Tie Break”

“We consider that this situation poses serious problems in terms of free access by the public to unencrypted television programs, whereas this right is guaranteed by law”, continues the group, owned by Bouygues, which denounces “a rupture of equality between fellow citizens living in areas benefiting from wide audiovisual coverage and others”.

The AMF has indicated that it cannot interfere in the commercial dispute between the two channels but has nevertheless sent a letter to Arcom, according to its Twitter account.

“Given (…) the breach of equality between municipalities in access to television channels and the official referral to which we are subject by the TF1 group, the AMF must alert you and wishes to know the provisions initiated (…) by Arcom”, wrote the president of the AMF David Lisnard in a letter dated this Monday and addressed to the audiovisual regulator.

This is not the first time that viewers find themselves embroiled in spite of themselves in the commercial disputes between the two groups. In March 2018, Canal + had already cut the TF 1 channelswith a clear impact on their audiences.

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