“Bloop”: this funny sound detected on Mars

Recorded in September 2021 by the InSight probe, the extract reveals the entry of a meteorite into the atmosphere of Mars, its explosion and its impact on the ground. An impact that created three large craters, the rock exploding into three fragments.

“This not only represents the first impacts detected by the probe’s seismometer since InSight landed on the Red Planet in 2018, it is also the first time that seismic and acoustic waves from an impact have been detected. detected on Mars,” the US space agency said in a statement.

But what catches the attention of Internet users is the very nature of the recorded sound. Indeed, far from the crash that many could expect, NASA unveils a “bloop” that is curious to say the least… but which can be explained scientifically.

According to the US space agency, after sunset, the atmosphere retains some of the heat accumulated during the day. Depending on their frequency, sound waves therefore pass through the warm atmosphere at different speeds. Consequence: the low sounds reach us before the high sounds. A phenomenon that can also be observed on Earth, in the deserts.


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