Board game Kingdom Come: Deliverance launches its crowdfunding campaign

Warhorse Studios, Boardcubator and PrimeMatter are pleased to launch their crowdfunding campaign today for Kingdom Come Deliverance – The Boardgame via Gamefound.It all started with a first person video game but today KCD aims to become a real top-down board game. For it, Warhorse Studios partnered with Czech board game creators Boardcubator, to bring this critically acclaimed historical RPG to life, but in the world of dice, tokens and tactical tablets. While the board game of Kingdom Come: Deliverance shares a few places and characters with the original work, it tells its own story here, on the sidelines of that of the video game, which can be seen as a successor, or even as a spin-off sharing the same universe.

The board game campaign Kingdom Come Deliverance – The Boardgame has already started and can be found on Gamefound: HERE

A new trailer showcases the same immersive experience enjoyed by over 5 million gamers. KCD. Fans will find a breathtaking living world, decisions to be made, with a particular emphasis on storytelling and immersion. Prepare your sword….finally, your dice!

About Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game is a cooperative game which goes from 1 to 4 players and which will transport you in the Bohemia of the 15th century. Enjoy an immersive story and a character creation system inspired by the adage “you are what you do”. Choose from 4 different characters, each with different stats and abilities and level them up. Finding, buying and sharing your loot will aid you in your deadly quest for information and determine the future of an entire nation! The game offers different campaigns with varied adventures, all followed by an included mobile app that takes care of storyline progress so players can focus on their quests. No magic, no dragon, just pure experience KCD…. But via a board game!

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