Booba concert: around twenty people “taken out of the Stade de France” after forcing entry

It’s a video that only lasts about twenty seconds, but which went viral this Sunday on social networks. We see a group of young people going through security checks at the entrance to the Stade de France on Saturday evening, a few minutes from the concert. by rapper Booba.

In this crowd movement, the stewards seem somewhat overwhelmed: some try to stop the offenders, while others seem to let things go. Some months after the night of chaos in the Champions League final, which had to be postponed for several tens of minutes at the Stade de France, on May 28, the images caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

At the time, pictures had already shown intruders climb the gates and attempt to enter without a ticket inside the stadium, while thousands of Liverpool supporters remained outside, deprived of the enclosure because of their counterfeit tickets. Internet users therefore did not fail to ironize this Sunday, one commenting on the images with this comment: “The English come back in force at the Booba concert”…

13 people arrested for street vending

This Sunday, the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis evokes “a very specific incident”, and confirms that “twenty young people tried to force the entrance to the stadium. Very quickly, the decision to let them return punctually was taken by the security services to avoid any incident at the door. And they were then immediately intercepted inside and escorted out of the stadium. “There was no arrest concerning these facts, still according to the prefecture.

During the evening, however, 13 other people were arrested and placed in police custody for “sale on the sly, with several attempted scams with counterfeit tickets”, facts that regularly occur at the entrance to concerts. or sporting events, at the Stade de France or elsewhere.

Before Booba’s concert, another man was also arrested for an act of violence, a punch given in an altercation outside the stadium.

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