Breda on Sadiki: ‘There was only one decision to make, it was to exclude the player’

In chronological order, the team first put on the table the affair which broke out following the match between Antwerp and Union Saint-Gilloise last Wednesday. As a reminder, Christian Burgessdefender of the Union, had indicated in a post-match interview that the referee of the meeting, Jonathan Lardotwould have told him that he was “the worst defender he has ever seen“.

Pascal Scimè was surprised by the follow-up given to this case: We are not going to focus on whether or not he made these remarks. Knowing a little Mr. Lardot, we are surprised that he can make this kind of statement. Likewise, I’m amazed that Burgess was able to invent this kind of statement. So I think there was a communication problem. What is important for me is the non-reaction of the refereeing department. They just said it was unfortunate and they didn’t want to go any further. But instead of Jonathan Lardot, can’t he expect support from his hierarchy in this situation if he is straight in his boots?

And Stéphane Breda to answer: “I hope it’s a lack of communication. I couldn’t imagine, if the remarks weren’t made, that the arbitration department would not prosecute the player or the coach who lies publicly and damages the reputation of a referee. I can’t imagine either, if Monsieur Lardot had made a mistake, that he would have been appointed this Sunday for an important match. (note: Anderlecht – OHL).”

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