Brother imposed on the club, unpaid salary, gang: the president of a French club drops a bombshell on the family of Paul Pogba

Mathias Pogba, 32, has never managed to shine at the highest level of football. Paul Pogba’s older brother only played in second-class clubs, but he especially marked one of the clubs where he played, namely Tours FC, which was then playing in National 1. The president of the French training, Jean-Marc Ettori, revealed that he hired brother Pogba under pressure from his family, who had made an irrefusable offer.

“A long-time supporter of Tours FC came to see me to offer Mathias Pogba a contract. We didn’t need him given his poor previous results. The answer was immediate, no. The agent of Paul Pogba, Gaël Mahé, said to me: ‘Paul Pogba would like you to take his brother.’ But we didn’t have the means for someone who is not at the right level. I said that this Doesn’t matter, Paul Pogba will pay part of his salary, whatever it costs.”revealed the president of Tours FC on BFM TV.

According to him, they then had to pay the total sum of his salary in 4 instalments, including a first transfer barely 15 days after his arrival. But that was never done. “Despite the reminders, the phone calls, the Pogba family has never honored the slightest invoice that we sent to them”regretted Jean-Marc Ettori, who described the entourage of Paul Pogba as a gang. “I have never had to deal with Paul Pogba in my life. Paul Pogba’s problem is his entourage, his mother, his brother and his agent, the person who claims to represent him, Gaël Mahé”he analyzed.

Mathias Pogba came out of silence a few days ago by claiming to have information to reveal on the actions of his brother, in particular concerning his call for a marabout to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé. In Tours, Mathias Pogba will only have played 5 games.

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