Canadian couple take their kids on a world tour before they go completely blind

On March 21, the Pelletier family took off from Toronto for a world tour. Sébastien and Edith have indeed decided to travel the world with their four children, before they completely lose their sight. Indeed, as CNN tells it, three of the four children have a rare genetic disease, retinitis pigmentosa, which will make them totally blind in the years to come.

The Pelletier parents noticed that their eldest daughter suffered from sight problems when she was three years old. After seeing specialists and learning about the diagnosis made on Mia, Sébastien and Edith learned in 2019 that two of their boys Colin (7 years old) and Laurent (5 years old) also had retinitis pigmentosa. According to the parents, they could go blind as adults. Only Leo, nine years old, is not affected by the disease.

To allow their children to discover as many things as possible before they lose their sight completely, Sébastien and Edith have taken them on a world tour. Their doctor advised them to pass on “visual memories” to their children, which they took as an invitation to travel. “I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to show them an elephant in a book, I’m going to take them to see a real elephant. And I’m going to fill their visual memory with the best and most beautiful images I can,'” said the mom at CNN. So the little family started a list of what the kids absolutely wanted to see once in their lives. “Mia wanted to go horseback riding, while Laurent wanted to drink juice on a camel. It was very specific and very funny,” Edith recalls.

The Pelletiers had planned to hit the road to Russia in July 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic decided otherwise. So they finally left in March 2022, heading for Namibia. They then went back up to Turkey, before undertaking the trip to Mongolia at the end of July. They travel most of the time by van, and camp on the way. Currently, the Pelletiers – who tell their stories on social networks – are on their way to Indonesia, after spending five weeks in the “land of blue skies”.

For the parents, going around the world was the best way to teach their children about life and resilience.

“Travel is something you can learn from. It’s enjoyable and fun, but it can also be very difficult. You can be uncomfortable. You can be tired. There’s frustration. There’s therefore has a lot to learn from the trip itself”, she explained, delighted that her children are “super curious” and impressed by their ease in adapting to the not always easy conditions of their journey. “No matter how hard their lives are, I wanted to show them that they are lucky to have running water at home and to be able to go to school every day with beautiful colorful books,” said- she concluded.

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