Cannabis consumption: tools to support preventive practices |

Cannabis is by far the most widely used illicit substance in the French population. Nearly half of adults (46 %) has already consumed (France public health barometer for 2020). Some risks associated with its consumption, such as sleep disorders or heart problems, are not well known. This is why Public Health France is once again launching, and until 9 October, a prevention campaign. The campaign, titled “ joint stories », appears as 2 shutters.

It aims :

  • to support health professionals in their preventive practices ;
  • to improve consumer knowledge of the harm associated with cannabis use ;
  • to deconstruct received ideas about cannabis.

The section intended for healthcare professionals once again makes available on website practical tools, like last year :

  • a glossary with short definitions (THC, Csapa, CJC, synthetic cannabis, problematic uses, etc.) ;
  • an article “ focus » adapted as a podcast on the health consequences of cannabis ;
  • 2 practical sheets : early identification of problematic uses and existing resources (assessment tools and structures);
  • 3 interviews of 5 minutes on 3 different issues:
    • in general medicine consultation with Catherine Laporte, president of the scientific committee of the Congress of General Medicine France (CMGF) and head of the working group on risk reduction and addiction of the College of General Medicine (CMG) ;
    • in business with Hervé Martini, addictologist doctor and general secretary of Addictions France, and Kirushanthi Sakthithasan, addiction specialist at RATP ;
    • among students with Laurent Gerbaud, head of the public health center at the Clermont-Ferrand university hospital center ;
  • 2 interactive modules : how to respond to misconceptions about cannabis and a quiz on the prevalence of cannabis use.

The second part is aimed at the general public and in particular cannabis consumers, and revolves around videos that allow you to be immersed in the history of consumers with various questions and health issues (pulmonary disorders, bad-trips and cognitive disorders). At the same time, short “Questions & Answers” videos presented by Laurent Karila, psychiatrist and addictologist at the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), and Jean-Michel Delile, psychiatrist and president of the Addiction Federation, respond to questions raised by these testimonies. All these videos are available at the YouTube channel of “Drugs info service”.

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