Careers: in broad daylight, he is robbed for nearly 1000 euros of equipment in his van

Filmed by a surveillance camera of the establishment in which Alain Couls and his son were working, the theft took place around 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

In the images, we see a young man who circles the van a bit before taking a screwdriver out of his pocket which he used to break the lock. “Everything happened very quickly, in less than 3 seconds my van door was open“, testifies Alain Couls. “In 35 years of career, I have never seen that!”

After having opened the door, the individual looks a little to the left and to the right before entering the rear of the vehicle and carrying two imposing machines. “Then, according to witnesses met on the spot, he went to deposit the two machines behind a hedge with the aim, probably, of recovering them later because, while he was returning to the scene to continue his larceny, he was disturbed by my son coming out of the building to go to the van. He saw the individual in question who pretended nothing before returning to his own vehicle and recovering the two stolen machines. He probably would have liked to take more, but I can’t imagine what would have happened if my kid had crossed his path when this individual got out of the van.”

The two stolen machines, a cordless drill and a professional vacuum cleaner had just been bought by the Carniérois. “These are essential tools for my work and this Thursday morning, I was forced to buy some directly. I got it for 872 euros all the same!”

After filing a complaint with the police, Alain Couls hopes that the images taken by the surveillance camera will make it possible to find his thief.

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