Christophe Willem, a follower of surgery, he admits everything!

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Marianne James will surely never forget the day she saw Christophe Willem land in front of her during the castings for season 4 of New star in 2004. At that time, the artist would not have bet anything on him. She was then far from imagining that a few weeks later, he was going to win the season and would be promised a bright future in music.

Years later, Christophe Willem no longer has anything to do with the shy and withdrawn young man for the sole purpose of protecting himself that he was at the time. The one who joined the Enfoirés troupe and is about to release his sixth album, Panorama, this Friday, September 16 took revenge on life. In particular, he had recourse to a few cosmetic surgery operations to give himself a boost and he assumes: “I have no problem with age. For my physique, we started from so far that, thank God, it could only improve with timehe tells Here is. When you start very ugly, you really need a big lose for it to get worse. Me, I had implants, had a bump on my nose rectified, straightened my teeth.”

These operations allowed Christophe Willem to move forward, gain confidence and put behind him all the horrors he suffered at school because of his physique and his effeminate side. “I really suffered bullying at school head on, in a way that was quite…

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