Christophe Willem almost dropped everything, he confides

Christophe Willem is back. This Friday, September 16, “Panorama”, his 6th album, is finally available. Revenge for the 39-year-old artist who, two years ago, thought he would stop everything. For the “Parisian”, he returned to this difficult period and he spoke of his sexuality.

Christophe Willem fans can explode with joy. The singer’s new album is out this Friday, September 16. An opus titled Panoramaa nod to rue du Panorama, near where I grew up and next to where I live today“, where he took refuge when he was harassed at school. These repeated attacks during his schooling broke the confidence that Christophe Willem could have had in him: “I was stuck with a label on a sexuality that I didn’t have. I didn’t understand why I was rejected“, he says in The Parisian.

For many at the time, Christophe Willem liked boys. A fact that the main interested party has never confirmed, on the contrary: “For me, sexuality, love, is a personal matter. I always explained it, but people absolutely wanted me to decide. At one time, it was the big fashion for coming out gay. I have always supported these fights, but I could not be a 100% spokesperson for something that does not totally define me. Many people like me have suffered from this very binary, dictatorial definition. Fortunately, the new generation is much more open.”

Another difficulty: the depression he went through after the failure of one of his records. In 2017, Christophe Willem released the album Rio but the work does not harvest…

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